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Funeral Dinners

A Funeral Dinner is truly an act of Christian charity.  When the family is overcome with grief and sadness over the loss of their loved one, the Church comforts them first and foremost with prayers.  Together with the community of faith, they place their loved one in the merciful hands of God; in prayers the family members express their pain of loss to God.  In addition to the prayers, the Funeral Dinners offers the family an opportunity to gather with all the guests to celebrate the life of their loved one in light of the hope that prayers and liturgy of the Church bring about.  The Funeral Dinner also fills a very practical need. The family has been busy and thus needs some good nutritious food to strengthen their body.  The people that travel from afar to be with the family needs a simple but healthy meal before they will be on the road again.  The Funeral Dinner truly is an act of kindness, the very thing that Jesus asks us to do for one another.


Currently, this ministry is provided by the Parish Council of Catholic Women.  We are grateful for their commitment.  If you would like to volunteer to help or provide desserts, call Pat at 982-4908.

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