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Returning Catholics

Any Catholic who has been away from the Church for a while for whatever reason and would like to come back are invited to Returning Catholics. This program provides adults an opportunity to review the Catholic faith and ask questions. Adults are welcome to attend one or all the sessions to fit their needs.


If you know someone who has left the Church, please invite him or her to Returning Catholics. Call Dave Wroblewski (250-2999) or the Parish Office (982-2346) for more information. 

What reasons may have caused a person for leaving the Catholic faith?

  • may not understand or disagrees with some of the teachings of the Catholic Church

  • changes with Vatican II

  • joined another denomination

  • remarried outside of the Catholic Church

  • traumatic or difficult experience has left one feeling angry with God

  • was hurt by a priest, sister, or member of the Catholic Church

  • fell into the habit of not attending Mass and simply became inactive


What are some reasons why someone would become active once again?

  • misses the Catholic Mass and receiving the Eucharist

  • desires to belong to a Christian community

  • would like to deepen one's relationship with Jesus Christ

  • have children and would like to raise them in the Catholic Church


How does one return back to the Catholic Church?  Some suggestions:

  • quietly returns on their own

  • consults with a priest or staff member of the Church

  • someone invites them back

  • particpates in Returning Catholics


What is Returning Catholics?

It is an invitation for you or someone you may know who is an inactive or alienated Catholic and is interested in returning back to the Catholic Church.  Returning Catholics provide individuals an opportunity to review the Catholic faith, ask questions, and express concerns.  Returning Catholics is held during Lent for four sessions.  Individuals are welcome to attend one or more sessions or the entire series to fit their needs.  For more information, contact Dave Wroblewski at 250-2999.


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