Stewardship Team

A sub-committee of the Pastoral Council and focuses on ways and means for parish members to be good stewards through prayer, service & sharing. Stewardship Team meetings are held once a month on the first Tuesday of the month.

Members of the Stewardship Team


  • Bill Fermanich 

  • Cherie Bessette

  • Paul Meagher

  • Steve Riehl

  • Ann Riehl

  • Jayne Rohan

  • Kristin Russell

  • Cordell Jacobson

  • Jean Skewes

Stewardship…Guiding Us Forward in Faith


The purpose of the Stewardship Team is to Educate, Collaborate and Serve


† Educate the Most Precious Blood Catholic Community on what Stewardship is.


† Collaborate with other Parish Organizations on Stewardship activities.


† Serve as a resource for the Stewardship ideals of Prayer, Service and Sharing.