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Teach My People to Pray

Year II: Family Prayer Resorces

"Teach My People to Pray" is Bishop Ricken's pastoral reflection for Phase 1 of Disciples on the Way: Prayer and Holiness. "The call of these first two years, is to put first things first, which is all about establishing priorities centered around God; especially in our time, our talent and our treasure, our prayer, our service, and our sharing. I would like to invite all the faithful in the Diocese to take the next step in deepening our prayer lives," Bishop Ricken notes.


To read the Bishop's pastoral reflection, click on Teach My People to Pray

"Disciples on the Way" is an invitation from Bishop Ricken to embark on a missionary journey into the new evangelization. It deepens the first pastoral letter, "Parishes: Called to Be Holy, Fully Engaged, Fully Alive," and responds to the increasing emphasis in the universal church on the new evangelization.


As Bishop Ricken puts it: "I would like to invite everyone to a journey; a journey of deepening our prayer life, of learning to be better disciples ourselves and of making disciples of others for the sake of the Kingdom of God. I invite each and every one of you to journey as the body of Christ with your Pastor or Pastoral leader and with your fellow parishioners in living out this 'mission map' as a 'Disciple on the Way.'"

The journey is divided into three emphases:

Formation in Prayer and Holiness (2014-16)

Formation in Discipleship (2016-18)

Formationin Mission (2018-20).


To read the Bishop's pastoral letter, click on

Disciples on the Way

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